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Field Mag and Dangle Supply Debut Adventure Bong for Fall Equinox

The Great Outdoors, USA (September 22, 2020) - Field Mag, the preeminent publication for lovers of good design and the great outdoors, announces their first official product collaboration with Dangle Supply, makers of the world's lightest and highest-quality titanium water pipes and other adventure-ready smokables. Together, the two unveil a limited-edition titanium adventure bong for high-minded outdoor enthusiasts. A portion of profits will benefit efforts to release unjustly sentenced cannabis prisoners. Debuting to celebrate the Fall Equinox, the Field Mag Dangle Bong Blaze™ is made of LNT-approved unbreakable aerospace grade titanium, eliminating the risk of bringing glass into the backcountry.  The 3D titanium ergonomic construction is based on the traditional three dimensions of the perfect bong rip: maximal extraction, minimal...

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How to clean your Titanium pipe

How to clean a Titanium or other metal pipe. We get asked this question alllll of the time, and we know why, it can feel like a daunting task and no one would want to damage their heirloom-quality Titanium pipe from Dangle Supply that they will surely pass down to their grand children and them to theirs. Anyhow, the good news is that Titanium is an incredibly resilient material and there are lots of ways to clean it. You might need to clean your titanium pipe if you are finding airflow to be restricted or you can see buildup of residue in your pipe. This is just a thing that happens, so don't worry, cleaning is reallll easy. We find...

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Introducing DOOBEE

Read more about Environmental Racism here Good morning Danglers,It is an exciting and challenging time here in the USA. At DangleSupply we have been wondering what we can do to help make the world a better place, and we've come to the conclusion that the place we can affect the most change might be within our core community as an outdoor brand. For those reasons we are launching a whole new line of products for DOOBEE - DangleSupply's Ongoing Outreach Benefiting the Environment Ethically. Proceeds from all of these products will go to charities of our choice that help to protect the people most disenfranchised by environmental degradation.We have more info coming and our first DOOBEE products will be available...

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Dangle Radio - Remember Places

Do you remember places?Has your brain turned to mush trying to remember? Do you even know what day it is anymore?Our pal Jonah is remembering some places and this week he brings you bold flavors from all sorts or places. Places we used to be able to go.Sit back and transport yourself into the weekend, if that is a thing that exists anymore and ReMeMbErrrrrr.Listen to the playlist on Spotify here

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Dangle Radio - Sad Girl Bong Rips

This week on Dangle Radio, something to really make you feel. Kelsey Phillips brings us an intro to sad girl. Not familiar with this genre? Well, you are in for a moody treat. Listen to the playlist HERE Get 10% off orders today only with the code SADGIRL

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