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Cyber Monday DEALSSSS!

You've got deals! Here is what we've got for cyber Monday... - Buy 2 of any pipe, get a third 50% off! Use the code 3PIPES at checkout - Buy 3 of any pipe, get a fourth FREE! use code 4PIPES at checkout - Get a FREE tote bag with any order over $84.20, just add it to your cart and the discount will be applied automatically. - Also we are extending our FREE Shipping weekend through today. This will only last Monday until Midnight, so hop on it before it is back to full price til next year. Happy shopping, happy holidaze, Danny

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Dangle Supply disrupts camp mug industry with revolutionary new Titanium Cup

Bozeman, MT (November 23, 2020) - HighTech outdoors manufacturer Dangle Supply is upending the camp mug industry with a new lightweight Titanium Cup featuring a fixed tubular handle design. This ultralight cup is perfect for life in the outdoors, camping on the trail, or at the home of any High Design minded individual. The Dangle Supply Ti Cup measures in at a very chill 420ml capacity, the perfect volume for sipping coffee around a morning campfire or perhaps a cold, refreshing beverage at home. The cup features Dangle Supply’s signature fixed, tubular handle design technology. This means no more fussing with gimmicky folding handles that frustratingly give way and save little space when packed. The tubular handle also provides excellent...

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Stockist HIGHlight with Jambz Distro - Australia's premier gear emporium

If you don't already know Jambz, then you are in for a treat. One of the world's largest cycling goods distributors based in Australia is also a key stockist for Dangle Supply. We Asked founder and CEO Jorja aka Jambi Jambi the tough questions and here is what she had to say: Tell us about your store. How did it come to be? Where are you and who do you sell to? Jambz Distro Global Logistical Corp. Formerly known as Crust Australia Established 2016, has gone through several phases to land on what it is now. In its current state; we specialise in importing and distributing bicycle finery into Australia. To sooth the trauma of always being forgotten when it...

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Sockist HIGHlight with Garage Grown Gear - Ultralight gear shop

On this episode of Stockist HIGHlights we chat with Lloyd Vogel, founder of Garage Grown Gear, a Minneapolis-based outdoor shop that focuses on ultralight gear.  Without Further ado, here is our Q&A Tell us about your store. How did it come to be? Where are you and who do you sell to? Over here at Garage Grown Gear we sell ultralight backpacking gear from small, startup, and cottage outdoor companies. Our webstore sells their products, and our online magazine tells their stories, reviews their gear, and generally helps spread the good news about small brands. We are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and while we are in the process of opening a brick and mortar shop, currently we exist mostly online!...

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Why a Titanium Pipe is the right metal pipe.

We get this question a lot. Why Titanium? Isn't smoking out of metal bad? Well, here is a little info on this infamous metal that can hopefully help you decide if Titanium is the right way for you to get High Outside. Like a lot of you, the founders and designers here at Dangle Supply first came across Titanium staring at beautiful cups, tools and other high-end outdoor gear and accessories on the shelves of our local gear shops growing up. But what is Titanium?  Titanium is an element. Number 22 on the periodic table to be exact. This element can be found in the earth's crust, lithosphere, bodies of water, rocks and even inside of most living things (it is estimated...

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