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Fire Safety tips with with Ty!

It is fire season in the west, don't be a dummy and burn down the forest! Here are some tips for getting High Outside responsibly with your pal Smoky Baunghs!   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dangle Supply TITANIUM (@dangle_supply)

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Allmansright Ultralight Gear - Dangle Supply collaborator HIGHlight

Dangle Supply is excited to be collaborating with Allmansright - a New York based outdoor gear lab specializing in ultralight softgoods and gear. Dangle Supply has joined Allmansright to make the new Snack Sack dropping 4.20 for our Earth Day collection. We love the work that this shop is putting out, and wanted to learn more about who they are, so we sat down (virtually) with Allmansright founders Livio and Jennifer to learn more. Dive in below:   Tell us about your Allmansright. How did it come to be? Where are you and who do you sell to? Allmansright is an ultralight outdoor gear lab based in the Bronx and founded in 2020. We are named after a swedish law that grants public access to private lands...

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19 Ways to Make Coffee Outside & Camping - According to Dangle Supply

19 Ways to Make Coffee Outside & Camping When you go outside, your coffee has got to go with you. Making coffee outside does not have to be a clunky task, you can bring the elegance and nuance of your home brewing setup to the outdoors, or you can heat up some water quickly and throw in some instant coffee, too, if that floats your boat. It’s all hot brown water after all. So whether your riding your bike to #coffeeoutside, or making coffee while you’re camping, there are tons of different brew methods that you can employ. We’ll walk through our favorite camping coffee methods and give you all the tips and tricks that you’ll need to make the...

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Stockist HIGHlight with ALCOVE - Heady home goods cannabis design shop

This week we are talking with DangleSupply Stockist ALCOVE, a Heady Home goods store formerly of New York City and recently North Carolina. Alcove's Focus on crafted, analog pieces feels right at home with Dangle Supply and we couldn't be more excited to be working with them. We sat down with ALCOVE Founder Allie to learn more about them, see what we got into below... Tell us about your store. How did it come to be? Where are you and who do you sell to? Alcove is a modern head shop focused on craftsmanship and intelligent design. Our customers come to us for heady, elegant and unique smokeware that they can cherish in their daily lives. We, Allie & Alex, began with a...

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How to Smoke Outside - Find the Perfect Smoke SPot

How to Smoke Outside - Find the Perfect Smoke SPot Whether you are escaping the home life for a quick smoke, or elevating your outdoor experience, smoking outside may be your calling . We love getting high outside, and have the tips that you need for the best experience enjoying nature, in nature. So, pick a spot, grab your favorite rig, be it a Danglebong or the ultra portable Ti Cobb, and join us. Where to Smoke Outside? Alrrrighty, getting high outside is chill, but where’s the best place to smoke outside you ask? We here at Dangle Supply happen to experts on the topic, with years of experience sampling the world's finest views with our ultralight and indestructible smoking...

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