Allmansright Ultralight Gear - Dangle Supply collaborator HIGHlight

Allmansright Ultralight Gear - Dangle Supply collaborator HIGHlight

by Dan Gullbongs

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Dangle Supply is excited to be collaborating with Allmansright - a New York based outdoor gear lab specializing in ultralight softgoods and gear. Dangle Supply has joined Allmansright to make the new Snack Sack dropping 4.20 for our Earth Day collection.

We love the work that this shop is putting out, and wanted to learn more about who they are, so we sat down (virtually) with Allmansright founders Livio and Jennifer to learn more. Dive in below:


Tell us about your Allmansright. How did it come to be? Where are you and who do you sell to?

Allmansright is an ultralight outdoor gear lab based in the Bronx and founded in 2020. We are named after a swedish law that grants public access to private lands for outdoor recreation.  We focus on the relationship between , people, gear, and the outdoors. From a human point of view we carefully consider usage and design gear that is intuitive and dutiful,  from a humanities point of view we make gear that tries to serve a greater purpose. 

I founded allmansright after being reintroduced to nature. I started hiking and regaining my appreciation for nature. Soon after, naturally to me, I started making my own gear and found the purpose in designing again. So as allmansright we set out to make gear that could help people reconnect as well.  

We are from an unlikely place to find a niche gear company looking to foster outdoor lifestyles but NYC can inspire outdoor gear as much as any mountain. Our gear is for the uncompromising, those that need more than just their functional needs met. We are for the ones that want to go far and fast in style.                                                                                                                  

What impact do you hope that you can have on your community at large? 

 We want to inspire people to get out into the woods more. The benefits of doing so are many and everyone deserves them. City folks need them especially because it's not in our culture while a hectic lifestyle is. From the beginning  we said that we were donating 1% of sales to environmental conservation efforts and another 1% to organizations that introduce people to outdoor recreation. This is a beginning and an easy way to get people outside via what we do best, make gear. Then, I read Chouinard's book. 

What is your current favorite piece of gear?

I’ll admit this reluctantly, but it's anything we've made. I feel so much pride and delight in using stuff we make that they become my favorite by default. But out of those I guess it would have to be my sacoche, an olive and black Kross (M). I wear it almost everyday and my pockets stay clear. I find uses beyond the ones we designed for it regularly as well. It's something I use in my daily life but use the same piece of gear on the trail also.

What does HighOutside mean to you?

Weed, silence, and  fresh air mix nicely for me. I hike high.

My mind tends to be fast and restless and my body follows on the trail.That can keep me from slowing down and enjoying the very things I came to connect with. High outside in the city is a similar vibe. The city can drag you along in its current if you let it but it's accommodating for all wavelengths somehow. Slowing down can make a tourist out of any lifelong new yorker and so weed, a million noises, and grimy air mix nicely for me as well. 

Anything you want to tell the people?

Do whatever the hell it is you wanna do in life and try your best to do it well, because in the end, anything else would probably feel like a waste of time. 

You can learn more about Allmansright on their website or Instagram and stay tuned for more info on the Dangle Supply X Allmansright blue speckled Dyneema Snack Snack soon!

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