Coffee and Weed: Breakfast of Champions

by Tyler Baunghs

Coffee and weed

Coffee and weed parings as described by a stoner super taster. 

Some folks call this combination a "hippie speedball", but to me that's far too utilitarian. Calling the combination of weed and coffee a speedball suggests that the only reason to combine these wonderful drugs is for the end result: the high. In this experiment I spent my mornings researching the perfect pairing of weed and coffee based on flavor profile. 

Please find my findings below: 

1. Blue Dream and Coava's Kilenso
Kilenso is a natural Ethiopian coffee from Portland based coffee roaster, Coava. It's rich and fruity taste pairs well with Blue Dream's notes of blueberry and vanilla. If you're smoking Blue Dream in the morning, I recommend grabbing a bag of this delicious coffee. 

Coffee tasting notes: Lavender, cantaloupe, fresh cream.
Flower tasting notes: Blueberry, vanilla.

2. Wedding Cake and Superthing's Gogogu Wate
Peppery weed and blackberry forward coffee may not sound like an immediate match made in heaven, but pepper-heads know that some of the lively tasting notes in artisanal peppercorns area actually berries! This coffee compliments this lively weed strain really really nicely. 

Coffee tasting notes: Celestial cluster blackberry, bergamot, limeade watermelon candy.
Flower tasting notes: Rich and tangy, earthy pepper.

3. Dutch Treat and Flat Track Coffee Roaster's La Colmenita
Guatemalan coffee's are some of my favorites. The sweet and bright flavors of mango really shine through in this single origin coffee roasted by Flat Track in Austin, TX. I find it pairs well with a sweet and piney weed, just like this Dutch Treat strain. Yum.  

Coffee tasting notes: Mango, marzipan, oolong.
Flower tasting notes: Sweet fruit, pine, eucalyptus.

4. Cereal Milk and Heart's Stereo Blend

Imagine waking up and eating a big bowl of almond cherry chocolate ice cream. Smoking Cereal Milk while drinking Stereo Blend coffee roasted by Heart is basically the same thing. 

Coffee tasting notes: Almond brittle, bing cherry, baker's chocolate.
Flower tasting notes: Loud, sweet milk, ice cream.



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