How to Smoke Outside - Find the Perfect Smoke SPot

How to Smoke Outside - Find the Perfect Smoke SPot

by Colin Frazer

How to Smoke Outside - Find the Perfect Smoke SPot

Whether you are escaping the home life for a quick smoke, or elevating your outdoor experience, smoking outside may be your calling

. We love getting high outside, and have the tips that you need for the best experience enjoying nature, in nature. So, pick a spot, grab your favorite rig, be it a Danglebong or the ultra portable Ti Cobb, and join us.

Where to Smoke Outside?

Alrrrighty, getting high outside is chill, but where’s the best place to smoke outside you ask? We here at Dangle Supply happen to experts on the topic, with years of experience sampling the world's finest views with our ultralight and indestructible smoking hardware. First and foremost, don’t be a bozo, and be aware of your surroundings. If you’re out in the woods, find yourself a secluded spot, away from main trai

Dangle Supply DangleBong Titanium Water Pipe how to smoke weed outside

ls or gathering places - sure we like to get high outside, and even share with others, but not everyone wants to get down with your smokeout. Second, don’t smoke in your car. Go get high outside, it’s way better. 

We recommend finding a nice view and taking your time. Get higher to not only get views, but to get the drop on anyone who might happen upon you. This way you can be respectful to all users, and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. If you’re scrambling off the beaten path, make sure that you tread lightly and leave no trace. Pack it in, pack it out and keep it nice for everyone.



What are You Doing?

Our second tip for smoking outside comes down to you. Getting a little bit elevated can add a whole new level to some of your favorite outdoor activities, but it can also be dangerous. So if you want to smoke while skiing, biking, or doing any other activity, make sure that you know your limits and stay within them. Have a plan and stick with it. Start small and your high outside experience will be more fun for you and your friends. 

What To Smoke Out of Outside?

Now that you’ve got the chillest spot scoped out for your outdoor endeavors, it’s best to match it up with the perfect smoking device. Our products here at Dangle Supply are specifically designed for outdoor usage, with light weights and bombproof construction, you’ll barely even notice that you carried that Danglebong on your backpacking trip, or that the tiny Ti Cobb was in your fanny pack the whole time. If you’re not endowed with the latest and greatest in outdoor weed smoking technologies from Dangle Supply, we recommend rolling it up old-fashioned for your outdoor smoke sesh. Avoid glass pipes and bongs as they can break, and are heavy, both a major bummer in the outdoors. Pack out your waste, including roaches, no trace means NO trace. 

How to Smoke Outside Without Anyone Noticing?

dangle supply titanium how to smoke weed outside

Okay, all these tips are great, but sometimes you need to be discrete. In this case, most of our advice stays true. Spot selection becomes even more important here - look off the beaten path, not only can you get more solitude, you’ll avoid peering eyes. If there’s not one great spot, stay on the move, spreading out your smoke and lessening that chance of anyone noticing. For a lowkey session, we recommend a smaller piece like the Ti Cobb, or a one hitter, to hit it and quit it.

So there’s really not too much to getting high outside. Most of the tips here come down to a couple of things, finding the best place to sm

oke, being considerate of others, and choosing the right piece. Aside from these we recommend dressing to the occasion, gloves can be a lifesaver in the winter. 

Have fun and stay safe.

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