Titanium is better than glass for smoking

Titanium is better than glass for smoking

by Dan Gullbongs

We’ve all been there: got the weed but forgot the pipe. Frantically searching for an apple or some other vegetable to makeshift a pipe, your buddy realizes he has a can in his hand *at that very moment* and boom you’re pushing those rumors that smoking out of cans will make you sterile, and on your way to a good time. We’ve been there too. We’re not sure of medical studies about aluminum, but have you ever stopped to think about how those cans had plastic labels and lining’s that you were smoking as well? That couldn’t have been healthy.

TITANIUM is lightweight, unbreakable, and non-corroding; there’s a reason they knit your broken bones back together with it and leave it in your body *forever*. It has a melting temperature twice that of glass (3034 degrees F). Many people report that smoking out of titanium has less taste impact on their weed than glass.

Titanium is clearly the ultimate smoking material.

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