Making Lemonade - Skiing High in the Rocky Mountains with DayJob

Making Lemonade - Skiing High in the Rocky Mountains with DayJob

by Tyler Baunghs

This week Andrew from Day Job takes us skiing.

Check out this cool playlist for your own skiing next weeekend.


It’s been a weird winter out here in Montana. Below average precipitation mixed with variable temperatures has resulted in a very different winter for snow-related activities than we are used to. Without dreamy powder day conditions, motivation to get up into the mountains and explore, or even ride a chairlift can be hard to find.

Last weekend my friends and I weren’t sure if we wanted to go for a tour or if we wanted to rip some hot laps at Bridger. Due to the weather, we decided to rip some sunny laps at the local mountain. We were reminded that skiing can be pretty fun, even when the snow is a little stale and old. When it comes down to it, whether the conditions are bad or good, YOU LITERALLY GET CARRIED TO THE TOP OF A MOUNTAIN. And that’s pretty cool. (I can’t think of a better place to get high with your friends haha lol?

Skiing is a funny sport. You just kinda control (hopefully) how quickly you fall down a mountain. And while doing that, you end up covering so much ground throughout the day. It’s funny looking at the same mountain in the summertime and thinking about where you usually venture to when it’s covered in snow.

A few DangleBongs and a lot of laughs later, we found ourselves at the bar, reminiscing on how great of an idea it was to go rip Bridger instead of wandering around the woods that day.


Life’s good when you get outside with your friends!


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