Whead Herbal Blend - a tasty, relaxing smoking blend by Niuka

Whead Herbal Blend - a tasty, relaxing smoking blend by Niuka

by Dan Gullbongs

Herbal smoking blends are more popular than ever these days. Some folks enjoy their unique flavor and calming effects, but herbal blends also make a great alternative to tobacco, or a nice addition to other smokables you might enjoy at your favorite smoke spot.

Dangle Supply, never shy from the latest trends, has partnered with Niuka Tea & Botanicals, a California based specialist in adaptogenic herbs. Niuka came up with a special, proprietary herbal blend recipe for our Whead herbal blend. Niuka founder Alex Friend chose a mixture of chamomile, skullcap, lemon balm, nettles, lavender, star anise, passion flower, damiana, and cat nip. These herbs are often known for their calming effects, providing partakers in a relaxing, chill experience. These completely natural herbs come together to make a delightfully chill blend.

How to enjoy Whead Herbal Blend from Dangle Supply

Our Whead Herbal blend can be enjoyed in a number of ways. While it may smell and look nice just sitting on your shelf, we find that most people enjoy smoking this herbal blend. You can smoke Whead out of a pipe, for example the Titanium WitchStix Wizard pipe, or our infamous Ti Cobb. Many people enjoy rolling up their Whead into a cigarette form. Rolling is a nice way to mix in other herbs that you might like - for example CBD flower, tobacco, or other things. Try out our totally natural unbleached hemp rolling papers with your Whead for the complete package.

Are there health benefits to herbal blends?

If you are smoking anything, there are always going to be health risks associated. That said, one of our favorite pieces of feedback to hear regarding our Whead herbal blend is “this helped me quit smoking cigarettes” or “this was the thing that helped me work my way off tobacco”. While we all might benefit from living life with a little less consumption, Whead is a natural treat that can help you relax or even kick some bad habits.

What do you think about herbal blends? Have you ever made your own? Picked some trailside herbs for yourself? Let us know in the comments and most of all, take it easy.

Herbal Blend Whead by Dangle Supply

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