Sockist HIGHlight with Garage Grown Gear - Ultralight gear shop

Sockist HIGHlight with Garage Grown Gear - Ultralight gear shop

by Dan Gullbongs

On this episode of Stockist HIGHlights we chat with Lloyd Vogel, founder of Garage Grown Gear, a Minneapolis-based outdoor shop that focuses on ultralight gear. 

Without Further ado, here is our Q&A

Garage Grown gear Dangle Supply Stockist
Tell us about your store. How did it come to be? Where are you and who do you sell to?
Over here at Garage Grown Gear we sell ultralight backpacking gear from small, startup, and cottage outdoor companies. Our webstore sells their products, and our online magazine tells their stories, reviews their gear, and generally helps spread the good news about small brands. We are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and while we are in the process of opening a brick and mortar shop, currently we exist mostly online!

What impact do you hope that you can have on your community at large?
We hope to continue to be the voice for small makers and shakers. To be the platform that speaks up for small brands and connects them to larger communities of outdoorsy people who'd be interested in the products. Starting a business is tough, and we try and make it a bit easier.

What is your current favorite piece of outdoor gear?
Tell us about the last adventure you went on.
Just got off the Superior Hiking Trail! After 4 days I pulled off early due to temps in the teens and 6+ inches of snowfall. It was beautiful and cold and (given the conditions) i'm happy to be home.

What does HighOutside mean to you?
It means being in a good mental space while being in a good physical space!
Thanks again to Lloyd for taking the time to answer these questions for us!
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Stay Chill,
Dan Gullbongs

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