Why a Titanium Pipe is the right metal pipe.

Why a Titanium Pipe is the right metal pipe.

by Dan Gullbongs

We get this question a lot. Why Titanium? Isn't smoking out of metal bad? Well, here is a little info on this infamous metal that can hopefully help you decide if Titanium is the right way for you to get High Outside.

Like a lot of you, the founders and designers here at Dangle Supply first came across Titanium staring at beautiful cups, tools and other high-end outdoor gear and accessories on the shelves of our local gear shops growing up. But what is Titanium? 

Titanium is an element. Number 22 on the periodic table to be exact. This element can be found in the earth's crust, lithosphere, bodies of water, rocks and even inside of most living things (it is estimated that humans consume 0.8 miligrams of Titanium every day).

While this elemental form of Titanium can be useful for a number of applications, the form you are probably most used to seeing is an alloy, mixed with very small amounts of other elements to create a strong and lightweight, formable metal.

 Titanium alloys were first developed for use on airplanes and spacecrafts due to their toughness and unprecedented ability to withstand heat and corrosion. Titanium is a biocompatible metal, meaning that it is non-toxic and not rejected by the body, which is why it is so commonly used for medical implants. 

Those things come at a cost though, as Titanium is not only one of the most expensive metals in its raw form, the most difficult to work with, which is why Titanium can come with a hefty price tag.

Dangle Supply Products use a "commercially Pure" alloy of Titanium. These alloys still contain a very small amount of Aluminum and Vanadium. We know there is some rumors over whether these things are safe, but for reference, their vaporization points are 4478F and 6165F respectively. Your average bic burns at 3590F meaning that it would be nearly impossible to raise a bowl to the temperature needed to release those compounds without very special equipment and without melting your hand.

Anyhow, that is our take on Titanium. It is a great material and we love the fact that the products we make at Dangle Supply will last a life time and then some and not weigh you down in the mean time.

Stay chill,
Dan Gullbongs


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