Stockist HIGHlight with Jambz Distro - Australia's premier gear emporium

by Dan Gullbongs

If you don't already know Jambz, then you are in for a treat. One of the world's largest cycling goods distributors based in Australia is also a key stockist for Dangle Supply. We Asked founder and CEO Jorja aka Jambi Jambi the tough questions and here is what she had to say:

Tell us about your store. How did it come to be? Where are you and who do you sell to?
Jambz Distro Global Logistical Corp. Formerly known as Crust Australia Established 2016, has gone through several phases to land on what it is now. In its current state; we specialise in importing and distributing bicycle finery into Australia. To sooth the trauma of always being forgotten when it comes to cool stuff in the American bike industry. Up until this year it operated out of a shop in downtown Sydney - But has since moved to a much more chill zone in a garage and smallest bedroom in the suburbs of Sydney. We also have a small fleet of 1 Mobile Jambz Distro Van. Which helps the staffers here get to the best bicycle riding and outdoors in Australia - yet still keep tabs on the work flow. Jambz Distro valued customers are those who crave the outdoors, who strive to buck the draw of bright lights and fast cars and focus on friendship and caring for their community.

What impact do you hope that you can have on your community at large?
Personally I want to bring lightheartedness and freedom of expression into the community. Prioritising joy and encouraging creativity. I believe that really being yourself, being openminded and compassionate is a radical act.

What is your current favorite piece of outdoor gear?
Right now, I don't want to let go of my lite weight Petzl Head torch. I look forward to dusk and beyond so I can show it off to my friends and hope they are impressed. Oh and the pink Ti-Cobb that Jambz distro collaborated with Dangle Supply. Pink is the best colour. It is underused in all aspects.

What does HighOutside mean to you?
HighOutside to me is those moments when you are being peaceful with nature and recognise how worked up you got about the spilt milk.

Anything you want to tell the people?
To come to Australia, visit me in the smallest bedroom and tell me about you.

Also to visit and take a look at the bright lights and fast car catalogue on offer.

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