Dangle Supply Offsets Carbon Footprint, Partnering with Cooler!

Dangle Supply Offsets Carbon Footprint, Partnering with Cooler!

by Colin Frazer

December, 2020-

dangle supply carbon neutral outdoor company

As a HighTech outdoors brand, DangleSupply believes that it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to help the environment. After all, being HighOutside just won't be the same if we don't do something about climate change. We are proud of the steps our little company takes to do our part: our products are durable and will last a lifetime; we use recyclable or compostable packaging, and we donate money to causes that work toward climate justice.

Today we are announcing a cool new step towards making our business sustainable.

Dangle Supply has partnered with Cooler, an organization that helps companies offset their carbon footprints by calculating the footprint of each product and turning that number into a dollar amount of carbon credits. That dollar amount is then taken out of every sale at DangleSupply.com and used to offset the manufacturing and shipping of each product. How cool is that?

Every product in the DangleSupply store is now carbon neutral using this technology. It is just the start of being proactive, but we are excited to be making steps towards a more sustainable HighTech Outdoors brand.

Learn more about Cooler here.

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Here are some other notable brands that work with Cooler, and we are proud to be part of their team:

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