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Why A titanium bong is the best choice for adventures

Does Titanium really make the world's most lightweight, indestructible bong? Dear valued customers: You have seen the DangleBong Titanium waterpipe and surely noted it's portability. No other bong on the planet is as lightweight and easy to attach to your person for adventuring outdoors. But is that the only reason that the DangleBong Titanium Waterpipe is the right fit for you? Surely not. Environmental responsibilityThe DangleBong Titanium Water Pipe is designed to be taken outside and enjoyed in nature. If you are like us, you want to see these places stick around for long after we are gone. Buying something new always comes with an environmental toll, but here at DangleSupply we believe in products that will last a really, really long...

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How To Clean And Care For Your DangleBong Titanium Water Pipe

By DangleContributor @carterofmemphis It’s been a fun summer huh? Camping, swimming exploring, backcountry ragers, and of course good ole Dangle Bong has been along for the party, right? Did you name it? Bedazzle it, we bet you did, and we’d love to see your customizations for aesthetics or functionality. Where were we, oh yeah last summer, whew! Did your Dangle Bong get dirty? No problem, our sturdy titanium construction and a few hacks from our field guide makes clean up a breeze. Supplies: Dan would like to mention that dangling, like life will be much easier if you remember to Always Bring Your Towel (paper towel that is). In order to maintain and effectively use your dangle bong we recommend...

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How to Properly Operate your DangleBong Titanium Waterpipe

Learn how to operate your new Titanium Bong By DangleContributor @carterofmemphis So, you want to know how maximize the potential of the ole Dangler eh? While your mileage may vary, and we could pontificate at length about technique, what follows is a basic guide for the uninitiated. 1. Laugh a little bit because smoking drugs is not serious. 2.  Fill the DangleBong main chamber with 1-1.5oz. of clean water. Do not use other liquids. Using crushed ice is with a dollop of water is super cool.   Draw through the device once or twice cautiously to draw all the excess water out of the chamber so it doesn’t interfere with the oncoming party. 3. Take the NugHuggerTM and fill it to your preference...

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FAQ about Titanium Anodizing

Titanium Anodizing! 1. What is titanium anodizing? Anodizing titanium is a process that adjusts the level of the oxide layer on the metals surface. This adjustment causes light to refract and changes the spectrum of light, resulting in perceived color. By precisely controlling the surface oxide level, an entire range of colors can be produced. Anodizing titanium is not a color coating, nor does it use dyes. The oxide layer on titanium grows naturally at room temperature.  Anodizing causes this oxide layer to grow further than it would naturally, producing thicker layers of oxide. As the layer thickens, it begins to interrupt the light waves as they pass through and reflect off the metal surface. This interference creates color. Since the thickness of the oxide controls...

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