DangleSupply Stimulus Package!

DangleSupply Stimulus Package!

by Adam Sklar


Dan Gullbongs signs historic $420.69 Stimulus package to help quarantined Americans access dangles.

That's right, you're bored at home and Dan Gullbongs is writing checks. Announcing the Dangle Supply #SoChillDistancing Stimulus Package Giveaway. Here's all ya gotta do:

  • Craft the perfect example of how you properly SoChill Distance. It could be a photograph of you inside or outside, a drawing, a painting, use your imagination.
  • Email your entries to Danny@danglesupply.com, or slide into our DM's.
  • Our 5 favorites will receive a check for $42.69 valid at the Dangle Supply Shop with one grand prize winner receiving an unprecedented $69.42 credit in the store.

We hope you are making it through this crazy time with your brain in tact, and hope you can have some fun with this. Can't wait to see your beautiful higheas.
Danny Gullbongs Jr.

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