Dangle Radio - Black Metal Bong

Dangle Radio - Black Metal Bong

by Dan Gullbongs

This week on Dangle Radio, a gift from our friend Erik...


This playlist is made by The Dark Lord’s Darkest @hellhommus for @danglesupply It’s a celebration of new expressions within the genre that started because everyone else in “metal” were a bunch of lame stereotyped clichés. Lars Ulrich being so fucking annoying is probably half the reason it came to life. It’s a music genre inspired by things such as really dark darkness, terror, rotten carcasses and self-mutilation with big rusty knives. Unlike Death Metal (that’s usually played by extrovert and aggressive bro’s) Black Metal is introverted and informed by nature, solitude and despise of everything living. Geographically this playlist is based in the deep and dark forests of Finland, Norway and Sweden but there’s also some North America and France represented. The Dark Lord’s Darkest Black Metal Playlist is preferably enjoyed alone, far away from everything, in the Church of Satan (preferably high)

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