The Official DangleSupply Holiday Gift Guide for People who like to go outside and also smoke.

The Official DangleSupply Holiday Gift Guide for People who like to go outside and also smoke.

by Dan Gullbongs

Hello there DaNgLeRs,

The holidaze are nigh, and while we hate to play into the consumerism that plagues our world, this time of year can be a good reminder of how good it feels to give something thoughtful to those you love and care about. We know that finding that right something can be a challenge, so we thought we would put together a list of some of our favorite lightweight outdoor stuff that we think you and yours might enjoy. So... here we go.


Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Pant

We know what you are thinking... Down pants!? but trust us. The lucky recipient of these pants will enjoy toasty buns and legs on every camping trip for the rest of their lives. Paired with a nice down jacket these pants can also be a great part of a super lightweight, minimal sleep system.


Mister Green Bong Water Nalgene

While water is by no means light weight, you've gotta have it. And if you are gonna have it, why not have it in style. If you get it you get it, and you should get this.


Black Diamond Sprint Headlamp

A headlamp is a must-have for any sort of camping trip (or even just getting stuff out of the car) this time of year when the days are super short. To keep yourself seeing clear without straining your neck, we recommend the lightest offering from BD, the Sprint headlamp.


Latigo Instant Coffee Packs

It's hard to beat the true pleasure that is coffee outside, but let's be honest, carrying all that gear takes up wayyy to much space. These packets are not your mom's Starbucks Via, they are premium delish coffee ready to sip in seconds. Can't go with out 'em.


Socks from The Athletic

Remember when you were a kid and you got socks for xmas and you were like, awwwww Socks. Well now that you are a grown up you can be like awwww, socks!
Socks rule and our friends at the Athletic have sooo many sweet options to choose from, you will have trouble choosing just one.


HeavenDropt Hammock

dangle supply gift guide lightweight hammock

Nothing says "I like to chill" like showing up places with a hammock. Give the gift of relaxation with these super lightweight hammocks made from recycled parachutes. What could be better


Anyway, those are some thoughts on some good gifts for the outdoors! Think we missed something? Let us know in the comments. 

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