How to Properly Operate your DangleBong Titanium Waterpipe

by Dan Gullbongs

Learn how to operate your new Titanium Bong

By DangleContributor @carterofmemphis

So, you want to know how maximize the potential of the ole Dangler eh? While your mileage may vary, and we could pontificate at length about technique, what follows is a basic guide for the uninitiated.

1. Laugh a little bit because smoking drugs is not serious.

2.  Fill the DangleBong main chamber with 1-1.5oz. of clean water. Do not use other liquids. Using crushed ice is with a dollop of water is super cool.   Draw through the device once or twice cautiously to draw all the excess water out of the chamber so it doesn’t interfere with the oncoming party.

3. Take the NugHuggerTM and fill it to your preference with the material of your choice. Insert the stem into the device.

Titanium Bong danglebong water pipe adventure

4. Light the business end of the device and draw easily. When it seems like you are nearing capacity rip the NugHuggerTM from the base of the Dangle and enjoy.

Titanium Bong danglebong water pipe adventure

5. Re-insert the NugHuggerTM into the base and repeat as desired.

Titanium Bong danglebong water pipe adventure


Don't be one of those gross bong-dummies who leaves water in their device. Pour out water on a plant friend in need, and then run a clean rag through your Dangle to limit moisture buildup and mold potential in the device. Stow everything in the cork top securely so it doesn’t come undangled on you.

Storage: When you aren’t actively traveling with your DB the best practice is to pull the cork away from the base and the NugHuggerTM away from the cork. Let it chill like this till you need it again.


Stay Chill,



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