How To Clean And Care For Your DangleBong Titanium Water Pipe

How To Clean And Care For Your DangleBong Titanium Water Pipe

by Dan Gullbongs

By DangleContributor @carterofmemphis

It’s been a fun summer huh? Camping, swimming exploring, backcountry ragers, and of course good ole Dangle Bong has been along for the party, right? Did you name it? Bedazzle it, we bet you did, and we’d love to see your customizations for aesthetics or functionality. Where were we, oh yeah last summer, whew! Did your Dangle Bong get dirty? No problem, our sturdy titanium construction and a few hacks from our field guide makes clean up a breeze.

Titanium Bong danglebong water pipe adventure


Dan would like to mention that dangling, like life will be much easier if you remember to Always Bring Your Towel (paper towel that is). In order to maintain and effectively use your dangle bong we recommend the following be brought along when operating your Dangle Bong in the field. DIY tOkesPoke: take an old bicycle spoke, snip it, and push it into your cork for later maintenance.Danglebong – Clip it, stow it, let it fly!



  1. Cork – This keeps everything snug and together.
  2. NugHuggerTM – Stash this piece in your cork
  3. Toke Spoke – The little pusher that could, stash this in your cork as well.
  4. Paper towel – a couple sheets is fine here, just keep it dry till you need it.
  5. Lighter- For heating stuff.
  6. Knife - For Cutting & Scraping stuff.


Field Cleaning:

While undergoing regular use it is normal that detritus and resins may collect on your Danglebong system we have found the following to be a quick and easy way to keep things looking like new. The following guide assumes you have some limited access to water and common sense:

Titanium Bong danglebong water pipe adventure

Do you know where your towel is? Take your field kit out as described above. Prepare NugHuggerTM for cleaning by heating it slightly either through normal use or holding a lighter over the bowl area for 30-45 seconds. We aren’t trying burn anything off here, just make things move a little quicker for the next step.

FYI: if you’re an old pro and prefer isopropyl alcohol and salt go to town chief, this write up here is for our field officers doing us proud out in the wilds of where-ever-the-fuck. This step produces nasty, sticky, icky, goop that will add a very “authentic” patina to anything it touches. If this is not your intent, angle your dangle towards a cat hole, trash can, or preferred waste receptacle BEFORE you start cleaning. Once the resin is out of the tube and out rolling around in the world, things get messy quickly. We cool? Okay let’s move on.

Titanium Bong danglebong water pipe adventure

Titanium Bong danglebong water pipe adventure


1. As shown take your toke spoke and a small 1” x 1” strip of paper towel and roll it into a little tube. Put the paper into the back of the NugHuggerTM and set your tOkeS-pokE on the paper to push through the hole. Push slowly and evenly while turning the piece to insure proper cleanage.

Titanium Bong danglebong water pipe adventure

2. Take your knife and angle it to run straight along the inside of your bowl to catch any buildup collected there. Wipe the knife blade off on a paper towel and heat knife edge to remove any extra buildup.

Titanium Bong danglebong water pipe adventure

3. You may need to repeat step 2 again if after step 3 some buildup clogged the hole. After this the NugHuggerTM should be good to go.

4. The main body of Dangle cleaning need not be done terribly often. When needed, use warm soap & water and rinse with an old toothbrush or scrubber. This should remove all buildup and keep things shiny.

Titanium Bong danglebong water pipe adventure

5. Now go back to the operations guide and figure out how we got in this mess in the first place.


Stay Chill,

—Dan 'Dan Gullbongs' Gullbongs


  • Isopropyl alcohol and Kosher salt are totally fine! Tried and true.

    Dan Gullbongs -
  • What about the good old ISO and Kosher salt? Always have them on a ride

    Ry -

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