• DS x OM DangleBong
  • DS x OM DangleBong

DS x OM DangleBong

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Limited edition Dangle Supply x Other Means safety Orange DangleBong waterpipe. Comes with a float for water adventures!


The DangleBong™ Titanium Waterpipe is the world's first and only Titanium Water Pipe. This virtually indestructible Titanium Bong system goes anywhere with you and delivers a perfect hit every time, on the go. An unbreakable bong you will surely be passing down to your favorite grandchild.

The DangleBong Titanium Water pipe features a fixed 18mm down stem with extra percolation holes in the bottom to ensure a clean, smooth and cool hit every time.

The included 18mm UltraSucc Titanium bowl is made from elemental, medical grade titanium with not one, but 5 holes for an even burn and easy cleaning. The DangleBong Titanium Water pipe is also compatible with your favorite 18mm accessories.

Also included with your DangleBong Titanium Water Pipe is a RubbPlugg rubber plug. The silicone plug is a convenient place to store your bowl while you are out adventuring on your way to get HighOutside.

The DangleBong measures 7" tall to strike that balance between a good cool hit, and compact Dangleability. With the bowl and the RubbPlugg the whole piece weighs 133 grams. 

Never buy a fragile glass waterpipe when you can have unbreakable medical-grade non-reactive titanium in a compact package.