Field Mag and Dangle Supply Debut Adventure Bong for Fall Equinox

Field Mag and Dangle Supply Debut Adventure Bong for Fall Equinox

by Dan Gullbongs

The Great Outdoors, USA (September 22, 2020) - Field Mag, the preeminent publication for lovers of good design and the great outdoors, announces their first official product collaboration with Dangle Supply, makers of the world's lightest and highest-quality titanium water pipes and other adventure-ready smokables. Together, the two unveil a limited-edition titanium adventure bong for high-minded outdoor enthusiasts. A portion of profits will benefit efforts to release unjustly sentenced cannabis prisoners.

Debuting to celebrate the Fall Equinox, the Field Mag Dangle Bong Blaze™ is made of LNT-approved unbreakable aerospace grade titanium, eliminating the risk of bringing glass into the backcountry. 

The 3D titanium ergonomic construction is based on the traditional three dimensions of the perfect bong rip: maximal extraction, minimal burn, premium elevation. The newly redesigned UltraSuck raw bowl seamlessly integrates with the smart rubber stopper accessory for safe bowl housing directly in the pipe. The exclusive safety orange colorway enhances visibility and user experience and ensure that no matter how dense the foliage or how high the climb, you leave radiant vibes, but zero trace, in your wake.

Field Mag Dangle Bong Blaze™ ($169.69) - Limited to just 50 pieces. The Field Mag Dangle Bong Blaze™ weighs just 150 grams and measures 7” in length with a 1.5” diameter, and 2.75” width at the handle, and features a 16mm BowlHole that delivers better balance with increased volume. Each bong comes with an exclusive Blaze Orange collaboration beanie to match, because nothing’s worse than cold ears harshing your mellow when you’re in nature trying to take it all in. 

Tested among the world’s chillest environments by some of the world’s most average athletes, this high quality, high capacity adventure bong is certified for hiking, camping, backpacking, fly fishing, snow shoeing, sitting in the park, riding bikes around town, laying on the couch, and other low impact, high vibe activities.


Field Mag and Dangle Supply will donate 10% of total profits directly to the Last Prisoner Project, a Denver, Colorado-based organization working to decriminalize marijuana and free prisoners of color who are disproportionately served with unjust sentences for nonviolent cannabis offenses.

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