DaNgLeAdVeNtUrEs ~Pepper Goes Bike Camping~

DaNgLeAdVeNtUrEs ~Pepper Goes Bike Camping~

by Dan Gullbongs

Story by Dangle Ambassador PepperCook (@bookbikebrew)

Over the years I have been incredibly fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to adventure by bicycle all over the world. I have circumnavigated Iceland solo. I romped with llamas for 5 weeks nonstop across the Peruvian Andes. I spent years playing on the muddy logging roads of southern Australia, and the seemingly endless stretches of sandy beaches in South Africa...but time and time again the trips that truly have the biggest impact on my life are when I get to escape my job in the city and set my head straight on an overnighter.

After I moved to Seattle I was informed that the most accessible overnight trip to a campground here happens to be so close to the city that if you really want, you can hop on a ferry, pedal to the camp and still be back in time for work at 8am the next day. That trip is magical Bainbridge Island.

I pack a  sleeping bag, tent, mat, rain jacket, a Dangle of my choosing (usually the WitchStix as it tends to be a crowd pleaser around the campfire) and beanie and leave the stove at home as a quick trip to the incredibly well stocked grocery store deli on the island never disappoints. Bainbridge is accessible by $19 round trip ferry right from downtown and they run regularly. 

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The pedal from the grocery store to camp is about two hours long, and there are plenty of hiker biker sites right next to the sand on the shores of Fay Bainbridge. There has never been a time when I've made a quick jaunt to Fay and not met new cycling friends at camp. Better yet, the last time I visited I joined a large campfire circle on the sand and whipped out my trusty Danglebong only to discover there were already TWO getting passed around the circle! Truly refreshed, I wake up at dawn and hop a ferry to land only 3 blocks away from the office in time for work.

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