• WitchStix Titanium Pipe - RainBrø

WitchStix Titanium Pipe - RainBrø

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Limited edition rainbow anodized WitchStix for 2023. 🌈🌈🌈 Some variability in the rainbow anodization...but they all look awesome!

Do you believe in ✨MAGIC ✨?

This is the bigger version of the WizardStix—bigger bowl and more shareable (within your pod of course). It is super fun to use, you'll be the life of the hobbit party. Virtually unbreakable and very light.

Some people call this style of pipe a "church warden" a "Gandalf pipe" or a "wizard pipe". Here at Dangle Supply we wanted to make it more confusing for ourselves, so we named it almost the same thing as another product. Oops. Anyway, this pipe does it all. While its length is visually striking, Titanium keeps it weighing almost nothing at all. All the surface area of the long stem provides a nice, cool, tasty hit.'

Easy to clean with a pipe cleaner or by soaking in solvent - see our cleaning instructions on how to clean your wizard pipe here.

About 12" long

Weight: 30 grams