• Ti Cobb - Blaze

Ti Cobb - Blaze

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Limited edition blaze color for 2023, bright orange so you don't lose it while dangling outside! Ultra-durable cerakote high-heat finish. 🍊


Enthusiasts around the world love the Ti Cobb for its' super convenient size. While this piece may be small and lightweight, it packs a punch. The bowl is just the right size for a puff or three, and the pipe is small enough to fit right in to your minimal kit for all those outdoor adventures. We love seeing the creative places people store their Ti Cobb pipe - altoids tins, match boxes, Uncle Ron's weird wallet, or the Lettuce Wrap foldable kit !

The tapered bowl on the Ti Cobb ensures an even burn and and clean hit. While Titanium makes this minimal pipe super light weight, its' thermal properties allow your hit and your fingertips to stay nice and cool.

The threaded stem means you can disassemble the ti cob for quick and easy cleaning, or order a couple colors and mix and match.

Super light, super small, super convenient for carrying when lightweight and stash-ability are crucial.

Measures: 70mm long, 12mm HiGh, 11 grams light. Made from medical grade titanium, so you know it is good.