• DS X OM Fish Whistle
  • DS X OM Fish Whistle

DS X OM Fish Whistle

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Introducing the Dangle Supply Fish Whistle. 🐟💨 True innovation in a compact package, it's like our unbreakable titanium Ti-Cobb but with two holes. One for your w**d and one for a string/keychain so you don't ever lose it! The only thing that can make a day on the river even better is one of these fellas. 

The tapered bowl on the Fish Whistle ensures an even burn and and clean hit. While Titanium makes this minimal pipe super light weight, its' thermal properties allow your hit and your fingertips to stay nice and cool.

The threaded stem means you can disassemble the Fish Whistle for quick and easy cleaning, or order a couple colors and mix and match.

Super light, super small, super convenient for carrying or wearing around your neck or on your keychain. *cord not included*

Measures: 70mm long, 12mm HiGh, 10 grams light. Made from medical grade titanium, so you know it is good.