• Stanley DangleBong™️ Titanium Water Pipe
  • Stanley DangleBong™️ Titanium Water Pipe

Stanley DangleBong™️ Titanium Water Pipe

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Special limited edition Stanley danglebong. We did the finish in Cerakote this time around so the color is way more durable and heat-resistant. 


The DangleBong™ Titanium Waterpipe is the world's first and only Titanium Water Pipe. Virtually indestructible, this Titanium Bong system goes anywhere with you and delivers a perfect hit every time. The DangleBong is so unbreakable, it is surely the bong you will be passing down to your favorite grandchild.

The DangleBong Titanium Water pipe features a fixed 18mm down stem with extra percolation holes in the bottom to ensure a clean, smooth and cool hit every time.

The included 18mm UltraSucc Titanium bowl is made from elemental, medical grade titanium with not one, but 5 holes for an even burn and easy cleaning. The DangleBong Titanium Water pipe is compatible with your favorite 18mm accessories.

Also included with your DangleBong Titanium Water Pipe is a RubbPlugg rubber plug. The silicone plug is a convenient place to store your bowl while you are out adventuring on your way to get HighOutside. The bowl even faces up if you want to prep one for the road.

The DangleBong measures 7" tall to strike that balance between a good cool hit, and compact Dangleability. With the bowl and the RubbPlugg the whole piece weighs 133 grams. 

Never buy a fragile glass waterpipe when you can have unbreakable medical-grade non-reactive titanium in a compact package.

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