• SPORTS™ Hat FUZZY - Camel
  • SPORTS™ Hat FUZZY - Camel


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New color - high fashion CAMEL (not real camel, what kind of monsters do you think we are?) See our other colors here. 

We already know you like SPORTS, since you are reading this description about a SPORTS Hat, but do you like winter SPORTS? How about not-sports-like activities in the winter, fall, summer or spring when it is chilly outside? Well then you are in the right place.

The SPORTS Hat FUZZ edition from Dangle Supply is your new go to when times get cold. Made of fuzzy fleece, this hat is here to keep your dome warm and the sun out of your eyes with a nice hat-sized brim. Getting a little warm? Flip those ear flaps up. Getting a little cold? Flip 'em down. Going down a big hill or through a wind storm? cinch it tight with the adjustable elastic strap.

We guarantee C O Z Y times await you with this fun brimmed, winter fleece hat from Dangle Supply.

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